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Playing a bit silly sometimes, then switching to contemplate the serious through time & process is my thing. Repetition features again & again & again, through series, layers, multiple exposures and text, you've got to emphasise the point these days.

I was a married suburban mum, til I got divorced and started my art education at Croydon Foundation, then somehow onto Goldsmiths BA Fine Art as a single mother of three. Now I'm back on the MFA, part time, the kids are no longer kids and I live in Dorset.

My multidisciplinary practice is amalgamating into installation based work with layered meaning, usually centered around the domestic or the small noticed moments of my lived experience.

I switch it on or press the shutter often, then form work that threads through my body, your body; mediating our relationships by abstracting documentary, the distance in between allows the viewer to drift and reflect.




I am currently studying MFA Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London (part time) whilst living & making in Dorset. The Private View for the Degree Show is on July 11th 2024.

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I have divorced my old married name, 20yrs after divorcing the husband. My surname is now Green (formerly Carter)

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I received an honorable Mention laurel from the Experimental Forum Film Festival 2023 in L.A. for Living and Breathing With Dad (2022) & Semi-Finalist at Blow-Up Chicago International Arthouse Film Fest 2023, in Chicago :)  :)

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