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Blanket (2019)

Blanket embroidered with blanket & gathering stitch. Dimensions variable.


Table Cloth (2019)

Tablecloth that my mother had part embroidered, I finished it off 60yrs later.


George's Tidy (2005)

George is my Brother's cat, he is tidy.



Life Drawing I (2018)

Pen & Ink.

Drawing made over a session of life drawing.


Life Drawing II (2018)

Pen & Ink

Drawing made over a session of life drawing.


Life Drawing III (2018)

Drawing made on holiday in Mahon.


Life Drawing IV (2018)

Drawing made from Kim Kardashian West's social media.

Objects & Installation

win green beaumont.jpg

Win Green & Between The Lines (2018)

Installation at Beaumont Gallery.

Cafe Oto installation a tribute to UJINO And The Rotators

Mountain (2010)

Autumn leaves. A tribute to UJINO And The Rotators at Cafe OTO.

hair room.jpg

Greying (2009)

Installation of human hair (half grey, half brown), thread & hairclip.

Urinal installation in Birckbeck College ladies toilets

Urinal (Are We There Yet ?) (2008)

I installed the urinal I carried from Paris to London in the womens toilet of Birkbeck University during 1968:Impact & Implication Conference. This is where I showed Are We There Yet (apres 40ans)? Some people deposited written notes.

Birkbeck College window installation

Photo (Are We There Yet?) (2008)

Installation of photo in the window of Birkbeck College for 1968:Impact & Implications.


Private View (2008)

Installation of video piece at Private View, Off Modern, Corsica Studios, London.

Arthouse Lewisham installation

Self (2008)

Bark, thread, log & chair.

arthouse cat.jpg

Cat & Spider (2008)

Video installation.

arthouse slides.jpg

Us (2008)

Four boxes with spy viewers, containing back-lit Kodachrome Slides.

mag snaila.jpg

Magazine (2008)

Magazine eaten by snails & slugs.

nana1 shelf.jpg

Banana (2007)

Dried banana on top of a painting of itself.


Fried Chicken (2007)

Found chicken bone next to a painting of itself.

Nazi symbol crossword

Our Cross Word Puzzle (2006)

Found newspaper from 1934 with Swastika patterned crossword.

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