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Blanket (2019)

Blanket embroidered with blanket & gathering stitch. Dimensions variable.


Table Cloth (2019)

Tablecloth that my mother had part embroidered, I finished it off 60yrs later.


George's Tidy (2005)

George is my Brother's cat, he is tidy.



Life Drawing I (2018)

Pen & Ink.

Drawing made over a session of life drawing.


Life Drawing II (2018)

Pen & Ink

Drawing made over a session of life drawing.


Life Drawing III (2018)

Drawing made on holiday in Mahon.


Life Drawing IV (2018)

Drawing made from Kim Kardashian West's social media.

Objects & Installation

win green beaumont.jpg

Win Green & Between The Lines (2018)

Installation at Beaumont Gallery.


Mountain (2010)

Autumn leaves. A tribute to UJINO And The Rotators at Cafe OTO.

hair room.jpg

Greying (2009)

Installation of human hair (half grey, half brown), thread & hairclip.

BB urinal note1.jpg

Urinal (Are We There Yet ?) (2008)

I installed the urinal I carried from Paris to London in the womens toilet of Birkbeck University during 1968:Impact & Implication Conference. This is where I showed Are We There Yet (apres 40ans)? Some people deposited written notes.


Photo (Are We There Yet?) (2008)

Installation of photo in the window of Birkbeck College for 1968:Impact & Implications.


Private View (2008)

Installation of video piece at Private View, Off Modern, Corsica Studios, London.

arthouse chair tree1aa.jpg

Self (2008)

Bark, thread, log & chair.

arthouse cat.jpg

Cat & Spider (2008)

Video installation.

arthouse slides.jpg

Us (2008)

Four boxes with spy viewers, containing back-lit Kodachrome Slides.

mag snaila.jpg

Magazine (2008)

Magazine eaten by snails & slugs.

nana1 shelf.jpg

Banana (2007)

Dried banana on top of a painting of itself.


Fried Chicken (2007)

Found chicken bone next to a painting of itself.


Our Cross Word Puzzle (2006)

Found newspaper from 1934 with Swastika patterned crossword.

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