Hysterical women I&II aliceson carter.jp

Hysterical Women I & II (2020)


Ongoing series, pairs of prints from inked balloons, filled with graphite & put through the printing press.

Two Sided.jpg

Two Sided I (2019)


Pencil transfer (via printing press) from two sides of brown paper packing.

90 x 140cm each


Two Sided II (2019)


Pencil transfer (via printing press) from two sides of brown paper packing.

90 x 140cm each


Brown Paper (Orange & Pink) (2019)



Monoprints from a piece of brown paper packing.


Neon Drawing (2019)

Print using etching plate, rolled ink and pencil.


Self (2019)


One etching plate printed twice per image.

blue carrier.jpg

Blue Carrier (2019)

Monoprint on Paper Bag & Nail.

46 x 53 cm

Exhibited at Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair.


The Point (2019)

Etching and coloured ink roll over.
56 x 54cm


Plastic Bags Paper Bags (2019)



The plastic bags have been placed into

the paper bags after printing.
24 x 24cm each.


Awarded Highly Commended from Hauser & Wirth Somerset at Black Swan Arts Open, Frome.

3Why Did You Aliceson Carter.JPG

Why Did You? (2019)

Drypoint Print with Ink Roll Over, Nail & Shoe Leather.

17 x 16cm

self medicating aliceson carter copy.jpg

Self Medicating (2019)

Etching & Chine-Collé.

One etching plate printed twice.
31 x 36cm


Villefranche Sur Mer (2018)


Etching & Chine-Collé.

Playing with focal and center points..

(3 etching plates)

80 x 60cm
Edition of 5.

Aliceson Carter Pairs 1.jpg

Pairs (2018)



Two prints of a pear on paper bags.

Two prints of an apple printed on paper bags.
35 x 58cm each.

Variable edition of 4


Humbugs (2018)

Etching & Chine-Collé.

Edible rice paper & paper bag.

11 x 24cm

Variable edition of 8.


Pill Box (2008)

Medication box turned inside out and etched with an image of itself a quarter smaller.

12 x 3 x 5cm


etchingb a.jpg

Of 06-09 (2009)

Etched zinc sheet

Installed into the Ben Pimlott roof terrace,

Goldsmiths College.

Part of my BA degree show work.

6 x 3ft

etch feet3.jpg

Stand (2008)

Idea that went onto be Of 06-09

boat etch.jpg

Would You Like A Cuppa? (2007)

Inspired by a text conversation I had with a friend, which went....

Just put the kettle on, would you like a cuppa?

Would love one. I've just run aground on a sunken German battleship.


The text was photo etched on 2 plates, the drawing on another.

0&X etcha.jpg

Noughts & Crosses (2007)