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Portrait (2022)

An installation with 5x4 analogue photos, video, etching, comfy chairs, magnolia paint & skirting board.

aAliceson 5x4 scan 13copy.jpg

Covid19 Lockdown (2021)

5x4 multiple exposure analogue photos. One exposure every morning, a week contained in each image. The unwashed morning me, before the bathroom ritual reorganisation, is one which is fleeting; during lockdown it felt like this was a pivotal moment from which the the day would be decided, one worth marking. I was alive and awake and that was a blessing, even though in the fraction of a second that the shutter opened I wasn’t fully appreciative of the gift.


Self Portrait I.jpg

Self Portrait (2021)

During Covid restrictions I longed to wear party outfits and placed them around the house making them visible, as if an occasion was on its way.
The photographs of me hiding, naked, behind my dresses and the chair-robe piled with the everyday guises were taken on a 5x4 camera.




Ways (2022)

Two analogue photographs displayed as two sets of four.


Brantwood Pier (2021)

The Multiple exposure photograph consists of a roll of 35mm film exposed 3 times in the camera, so the images are overlaid on top of each other. The shutter button was pressed once every minute.

One of the works made at the Ruskin Residency

aliceson carter hedges of ireland 1.jpg

Hedges of Ireland (2019-)

An ongoing series of digital photographs taken of the hedges in peoples front gardens in Northern & Southern Ireland. These boundaries are similar whichever side of the border one stands, their upkeep and artistry is a symbol of the pride in the owners sense of place and belonging. They may be just hedges but they talk of bigger things.



Bowls, Plates, Knives, Forks & Spoons (2017-18)

All the bowls & plates I ate from, at home, over a year.

705 photos.


31st March 2017

Win Green TPG4.jpg

Win Green (2018)

Whole roll of 36 exposures, expired film stock, exposed three times (no digital editing except joining scanned images together again).

Documenting Win Green, Wiltshire.

Giclee print 877.4 x 18.4cm,willow & string.




Favourite Colours (2018)

The photographs were shot on expired black & white Ilford slide film.

I painted the background of the portrait with the sitters favourite colour.
The sitters are from a local history group.



Chimney II.jpg

Beaumont Chimneys (2018)

Perspex print 20.96 x 31.22cm
Expired Kodachrome film stock, processed as B/W.

Photographs of Beaumont chimneys manufactured at the Beaumont Gallery site, the expired Kodachrome documenting some of the work of the expired factory.



In England's Green and Pleasant Land (2017)

I heard Blake’s In England’s Green And Pleasant Land in my head whilst out walking, I’m sure I’m not alone in finding greenness spiritually uplifting, so this is my homage to the blade of grass and bramble leaf that make up that green palate. The work lays out text from Blake’s iconic poem in British Sign Language Finger Spelling.

Whole roll of 36 exposures, exposed 3times (no digital editing except joining scanned images together again).

730 x 166cm (framed)


The piece was exhibited at Black Swan Arts Open 2017, in Frome Somerset, where it won the People’s Choice Award.

red man beaumont.jpg

Between The Lines (2017)

Expired film 24 exposures, multiple exposure 450 x 12.5cm. Documenting lines throughout the year, layered with photographs of Lettraset text. Hung by a steel ring via steel cables.

450 x 12.5cm

Exhibition documentation video here.



So (2017)

Expired film, double exposure of Lettraset text and objects. The Autoscan of the film scanner created the edit.


*bouy beach.JPG

KUZ45 (2011)

Part of Post Industrial Revolution Residency, Gdansk. I found a fishing bouy washed up on the beach at Wyspa Sobieszewska, after working out what the code on it signified (KUZ45) I took it back to the boat it had come from in Kuznica, a small town on the Hel peninsula.

Residency Blog here


Sverige sweden.JPG

Kodachrome the END (2010-11)

In may 2010 I learnt that Kodak were going to stop making the chemicals to process Kodachrome, the last lab would therefore have to stop processing in Dec'10. I sent a roll of Kodachrome to Photographers who lived near the dissused labs.

Sverige: S-175 85 Jarfalla

by olle!

aliceson carter kodachrome THE END.jpg

Kodachrome THE END (2010)

Photographic series. Expired Kodachrome film.

Small selection of slides used for Kodachrome THE END Video.


Interior Spaces (2010)

Photographic series. Expired Ilford film.


Scanned Picture b12 S1 S8 neuendorf.jpg

Berlin Border (2009)

Photographic series from Simon Faithfull's Mobile Research Station no.1 residency in Berlin.

I travelled to the stations nearest to the 1980's berlin border using the S bahn & U bahn network photographing the border facing towards the 2009 centre of Berlin.

I used expired Kodachrome 64 slide film from the 1980's.

I became very disorientated and I went slightly bonkers.

S1 S8 Neuendorf

Scanned Picture k sign.jpg

Sausage Factory (2009)

Photographic series documenting a iconic sausage factory in Peckham that closed.

I used expired Kodachrome slide film.


35mm Single Images

shop window aliceson carter.jpg

Shop Window (2018)

Expired Kodachrome, developed as B&W (the colour mask has been left on, hence the orange tone).

Digital Single Images


WITTY (2019)

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