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My Warmth Is For You (tummy as landscape) (2022) 09:13

This work is about feelings, relationships, worries and carefree attitudes to lived experience. Throughout the film an ice cube melts on a tummy. A tummy that is upside down.
How do we continue to live in such a world that is going through dramatic change, how do we hold onto ourselves and each other?

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LivingAndBreathingWith Dad Still001.jpg

Living And Breathing With Dad (2022) 30:00

A video made with observational audio and video clips that I collected whilst my Dad has been ill, collaged together & interspersed with text. I found that my looking changed during this time and that is reflected in the everyday moments I recorded. These moments seemed to speak of our predicament, analogies of living and breathing, time and motion, the beauty and the glitches.
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eating dinner parents.mp4.Still001.jpg

Life Is A Roast Dinner 1938-2022 (2022) 04:10


Life Is A Roast Dinner (1938-2022) breaks down a life into the the time it takes to eat a roast dinner.

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This video was triggered by the recent Black Lives Matter movement. I am white & British in the Equal Opportunities tick box, however because of my olive skin I suffered racial abuse through my school years so I have a very slight understanding of how it feels to be juged by ones colour.
The colours are from a Pantone range of skin colours and the lyrics and tune from a civil rights song.
The video is on a loop and can be edited to various viewing lengths.

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my body_2.jpg

My Body (2021)


New installation work

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